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Opening for a Master, Ph.D. and Post-Doctroal Positions!

A new and most attractive positions are now available in the MOE group in the general field of “Molecular Optoelectronics. By mimicking the real human Brain and Eye, the project aims to develop advanced platforms based molecular interfaces with a defined electronic and optical structures. In the first hand, we investigate and characterize the interactions between molecules and the interfaces with the related energy transfer. In the second hand, we develop nano-structures such electronic and Quantum photonic structures to be the base of such interface. Finally, we integrate to propose a new class of hybrid devices. 

The group

The group continues a multidisciplinary backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics & Engineering. The group enjoys the international cultures around the world: USA, Germany, India & Israel.

Request skills and background:

Appropriate candidates for the current open positions shall have outstanding academic and research achievements and shall meet one of the following requests at least:

• B. Sc. in Materials Science/Engineering

• B. Sc. in Chemistry

• B. Sc. in Physics

• B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering



The scholarships ranged at least from 1,200$ to 4,200$ (depends on the grads, the candidate degree and achievements)